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Live Music – Abby the Spoon Lady & Chris Rodrigues to Perform at Muddy Creek Music Hall

The viral video duo Abby the Spoon Lady and Chris Rodrigues will perform on Friday March 22nd at Muddy Creek Music Hall. It’s so exciting to have the pair in Winston-Salem. The street performers gained attention with the song “Angels in Heaven” reaching over 200 million views on Facebook and over 14 million views on YouTube. The two met back in 2013 while they were both street performing in Asheville, NC. Their unique sound is a mix of Americana, country blues, jug band and Appalachian folk music.

Abby is a modern day hobo, yes really. She taught herself how to play the spoons after another traveler showed her how to hold the spoons and run them down her fingers. Street performing and busking her way across the United States, Abby traveled around all 48 of the main states without a master plan. She’d just figure it as she went along. With her backpack in tow, she’d hop on freight trains and hitchhike her way around the country.  She has said that landing in Asheville was completely an accident. She had taken the wrong train.

She met Chris, a one-man band, street performing on the sidewalks in Asheville. The two eventually played a set together and that’s when the real magic happened. The two are fun to watch. Abby makes funny faces and dings on bells to “talk” to the crowd. Chris plays multiple instruments. It’s music that moves you and it’s so exciting they’re coming to Winston-Salem.

To learn more about Abby and Chris, check out this interesting article from The Washington Post,The Song of Abby the Spoon Lady: Pain perseverance and an unlikely journey to viral fame.”