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5 Famous Movies Filmed in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

When we travel, I have a fun little game where I enjoy Googling what famous movies were filmed in that city. Then, after a day of exploring and a nice dinner, we head back to the room, turn on the Firestick and search for those movies. Usually, we can find one streaming service with the movie. It makes for a cozy, fun night and it’s a great way to connect to a place. Winston-Salem isn’t widely known for films but in reality, there’s quite a list of films, documentaries and TV movies that have been filmed here over the years. And the NC Schools of the Arts is here with an impressive list of famous graduates. But that’s another post. Below is my list of the top famous movies filmed in Winston-Salem. These are great movies to watch while you’re in town and you can see if you recognize any of the local landmarks.

1. Mr. Destiny – 1990

2. Leatherheads – 2008

3. Junebug – 2005

4. The Longest Ride – 2015

5. Are You Here – 2013

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